Kitty Caparella

My Refuge ... My Passion:

I am a journalist turned artist, who found love in the strangest places:  Printmaking, Encaustic Painting and Photography. My early artwork in printmaking explored the underbelly of society, as I did as a writer. Then, I developed diverse approaches, depending on the medium. While painting with hot encaustic wax, my esthetic concerns shifted to unusual shapes, shadows, repetition and abstraction, or whatever I could bring forth with a heat gun, such as turbulent waves of color.  


As a photographer, I could both document what I saw as ethnic people and their colorful surroundings, but also be drawn to light, shadows and abstraction.


Love, as we know, is strange.

I have been exploring different media in recent years, including encaustic paintings, printmaking, sculpture and photography, while exploring silhouettes, patterns, shadows, repetition and markmaking.
Sometimes my images are abstract, such as Conundrum II, which explores the marks of water as a symbol of our lives going in many directions, but leaving a pattern. Other images are representational, such as Three Women, but explore the same concepts of repetition and silhouettes.
Other works, such as The Big Cricket, express my humor, such as putting the first edition of Mao’s little red book inside an enlarged cricket cage, the result of a 2003 two-month trip to explore art in Chin