Kitty Caparella

My Refuge ... My Passion:

Art is a refuge from my job as a reporter covering the underbelly of society.

Sometimes, I escape into minimalism inspired by Asian landscapes, or turn to the expressiveness of portraits. Sometimes, the unsettling issues which I can't avoid as a journalist - poverty, drugs, violence, extremists, the Mafia - provide the inspiration for an image. 

Violence is a theme I return to frequently. A major news event, such as the 9/11 attacks, may spur me to create an artwork, but so can my firsthand knowledge of mobsters or other urban threats. Art gives me a way to express a range of reactions from anger to empathy to humor to these subjects, and to the people immersed in them.

The smell of inks and solvents first drew me into the print shop. It reminded me of the newspaper business. As a printmaker, I prefer lithographs, woodcuts, intaglio prints, monotypes, digital images, as well as mixed media and paintings. I embrace the serendipity that comes with having an accident in making art because I know it may take me in a new direction. For example, I left a copper plate too long in the acid. The peculiar shape, eaten away by the acid, had meaning for me and was unlike any of my earlier work. 

I use my own fingerprints as a recurring symbol. They appear as the bloody fingerprints of a mob boss in "B is for Boss." And they also represent the victims of the World Trade Center bombing in: North Tower, 10:28:51." Both works are lithographs. I also use silhouettes, patterns, language, drips, expressive color and slashing lines.

Whether it's the joy of finding a shape, a texture or a meandering line, I want to convey the passion of my journey through, and in opposition to, the urban landscape.